Customer journeys are becoming central to the customer’s experience of a brand—and as important as the products themselves in providing competitive advantage.  Simply put, good journeys and experiences fuel growth.



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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I think the experiences and value technology can deliver is empowering, and people in their day-to-day personal and professional lives thirst for technologies that deliver this epic duo.  Long are the days when watching an idle icon on a screen is considered acceptable usability.  As technology has grown in sophistication so have the expectations of consumers.  And, so the birth of Customer Success was sure to follow as software company’s had to adopt a means to influence meaningful experience(s) for an end-user while ensuring high-value realization.

And, here I enter!  Hello, I am Bridgette Penel, a Customer Success leader in the SaaS industry.   My background and skills are in building and scaling high-performing customer-facing teams directly responsible for delivering meaningful customer experiences in high growth and innovative environments.  My experience spans across a range of organizations: professional services, customer care, onboarding, customer success, and strategic value organizations.

My progressive career and work have all come from a place of passion – I genuinely care about the harmony between people and technology.  Read on to learn about my professional background and interests.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have an idea or interest in how we could work together, I’d love to hear from you!

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Alert Logic | Senior Director

June 2015 – April 2016

Company Summary. Alert Logic, the leader in security and compliance solutions for the cloud, provides Security-as-a-Service for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, delivering deep security insight and continuous protection for customers at a lower cost than traditional security solutions.

Customer Success

Like a rocket ship taking flight, I came into this role at Alert Logic with a zest to curate a global Customer Success dynasty.  From shaping the strategies targeted at the direct consumer market, as well as the partner segment, an initial and formative responsibility I held was in crafting and developing the tools, metrics, and processes for the Customer Success Organization.  Simultaneously, I oversaw the organization’s operations and worked with executive leadership in aligning customer-centric initiatives across other organizations within the company.

Initiatives Most Proud Of:

  • Developed the organization’s touch-point strategies and playbooks, per market segment and persona
  • Crafted Alert Logic’s first generation Customer Health and Value Index Model
  • Influenced corporate, cross-functional culture towards customer-centricity
  • Established a global, high-performing customer success team consistently recognized  internally by leadership and externally by customer stakeholders

Achievements Most Proud Of:

  • Achieved 98% net revenue retention
  • Decreased customer churn rate to 2%
  • Decreased the customer TTV (time-to-value) by 80%
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Avalara | Senior Director

March 2011 – June 2015

Company Summary. Avalara is disrupting the status quo in the “scintillating” world of sales tax management since 2004, and they continue to blaze new roads in this very old industry. From the beginning, the dedicated team of revolutionaries has worked day and night to help businesses of all sizes achieve compliance by providing a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage transactional taxes.


Customer Success and Strategic Value

Building on my experiences and achievements in leading the Professional Services and Customer Care organization, I took on a new role in developing Avalara’s first Strategic Value organization.  A business challenge was ahead of us as revenue retention and market capture was at risk due to increasingly dismal product adoption and wavering sentiments from the enterprise market and high-visible brand segments.  Modeling from the framework of Customer Success, the Strategic Value organization was developed to serve the company’s highest strategic customers, as well as the enterprise market.

Initiatives Most Proud Of:

  • Pioneering an organization that was able to demonstrate immediate impact to the business challenges
  • Conceived and developed the organization’s first Customer Happiness Index Model
  • Nurtured and led results-driven cross-collaboration initiatives between internal and external C-Levels, which ultimately established trusted partnership dynamics

Achievements Most Proud Of:

  • Retained 100% net MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
  • Achieved 1% customer churn
  • Increased MRR value by 20% from cross-sell / up-sell


Professional Services and Customer Care

At a pivotal transition from a perpetual license and on-premise solution model to a SaaS license and delivery model, I joined FuelQuest (acquired by Avalara) to help maneuver their Professional Services organization to a new generation.  Mapping the delivery model, developing the processes and tools to support the customer experience, and developing the talent strategy and skills matrix were a few of the initial endeavors my team and I focused on.  Ultimately, this organization was morphed from a traditional consulting model to a high-performing solutions onboarding/delivery team that captivated customer trust while influencing TTR (time to revenue) and TTV (time to value) harmoniously between corporate goals and customer expectations.

With the Professional Services team making an exponential impact, I was asked to also assume the Customer Care organization as they, too, were in a time of transition.  Indoctrinating a customer-centricity culture served the Professional Services team well and my focus with the Customer Care team was to begin integrating this, as well as tackling technology and process improvements, that would align towards a higher customer experience.

Initiatives Most Proud Of:

  • Crafted the company’s product and services MRR projections model
  • Developed and executed a partner delivery model that enabled technology and industry experts to also serve as trusted, certified solution delivery teams in the market for our solutions, without compromising TTR / TTV goals
  • Curated a high-performing, innovative, and thriving team culture
  • Led a variety of corporate product and service contract modification initiatives that decreased corporate risk exposure without compromising market needs
  • Crafted a thorough, and effective, product delivery training model that offered meaningful insight into the team’s ability to execute projected customer experiences; this also served as a secondary tool for new-hire readiness levels related to product knowledge and deliverability

Achievements Most Proud Of:

  • Increased TTR by 20%, year-over-year
  • Directly impacted an increase of 18% on NPS results
  • Achieved 88% growth in services revenue, while simultaneously driving product TTR / TTV results
  • Achieved highest employee retention rates within my teams, with year-over-year average of 90%+ retention
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CEO | Werkadoo

August 2008 – March 2011

Company Summary.  Werkadoo was on a mission to disrupt the way companies and professionals identified how they were best fit for one another.  As Co-Founder, and CEO, my vision was in deriving a SaaS solution, with a powerful algorithmic engine and model, that empowered professionals to easily determine which opportunities aligned most to companies and positions they are most apprised to thrive.  And, on the opposite, this same engine was leveraged by hiring personnel, recruiting companies and decision makers to evaluate which talent in the stratosphere was most aligned to the talent they should hire because their company and/or opportunities matched to the dimensions an individual(s) was poised to thrive.  At the end of the day, both people and companies want to flourish and the Werkadoo platform made the connection easier!

CEO, Co-Founder

My start-up came from a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact on professionals and the business world.  My role was primarily in the day-to-day operations while simultaneously bringing a concept and product to the market.  Doing this naturally required investor relations, conducting pitch events and conferences, curating the alpha and beta strategies, remaining intimately involved in product management and marketing, overseeing the product development life cycle, and establishing and meeting product validation milestones.  I was heavily involved in the customer journey strategy, and in establishing a customer success culture from the very beginning.

Initiatives Most Proud Of:

  • Conceived and nurtured an idea to a SaaS product in the market
  • Consistently achieved or exceeded, product validation milestones
  • Formed a unique team and culture that embodied passion, drive, empowerment

Achievements Most Proud Of:

  • Honored by DowJones as 2009’s Top Innovative Company
  • Received the 2009 Most Promising Company Award from Rice University’s Web 2.0 IT Venture Forum
  • Recognized as a 2010 FastTech 50 Finalist
  • Received the 2010 World’s Top 100 Most Promising Technology Start-Up Award
  • Received the 2010 Best New Company of the Year Stevie Award
  • Received the 2010 Most Innovative Technology Finalist Stevie Award