Recommendations and Endorsements

There is a saying that goes, “Others know you better than you know thyself”.  I have been privileged to work with some interesting, forward-thinking, driven, intelligent, and sometimes energetically zany people!  All this being said, from customers to colleagues, the below are glimpses from their mouths of what it is like to work alongside me:

Bill Sidwell

Principal at MarketVitesse

Bridgette has a unique blend of talents and accomplishments. She is a seasoned entrepreneur, a gifted innovator, and a superb CEO. She is a talented strategic thinker while being a pragmatic risk taker. She’s one of those rare individuals who can see the big picture while at the same time rolling up her shirt sleeves to do whatever it takes to bring an idea to life or a program to completion.
Bridgette understands better than most what is required to bridge the gap between hype and promise in order to turn potential into reality. She possesses a deep intellectual curiosity; one that enables her to successfully challenge the status quo and go beyond what is expected. She relentlessly challenges herself to do more, to think bigger and do better.
She has a deep, unyielding passion for customers and co-workers. She is inviting and inclusive, thoughtful and open-minded; willing to hear ideas and points of view that may differ from her own. She looks for the common ground that will enable a solution or meaningful resolution to be achieved.

Bridgette is one of those truly rare individuals where every encounter, every discussion, every meeting is valuable, informed, stimulating and productive.”



“Bridgette is an inspiration!  She is the consummate leader; the quarterback that motivates a winning team by example.  Her leadership permeates all aspects of her life including business, family, friends, work, and community.  Her approach is always pleasant, positive, and personable.  She is flexible and agile in the face of change.  She brings creative vision and astute technical and business perspective to any opportunity while directing it with impeccable morals.  It has been a pleasure to work with Bridgette and look forward to working with her in future.”



“Bridgette is one of the most talented and amazing leaders I have ever had the pleasure working for. She is absolutely brilliant and puts everything into what she does which makes everyone around her strive to be their best. She makes working fun and a great place to be. She fights for what she believes in and is transparent with the entire team on what is going on. She includes everyone in decision making which boosts morale. I am glad I was able to work for her and hope to do the same again in the future.”


CEO / Founder of traNscenda

“Bridgette has a strong aptitude for understanding business goals and setting a vision and plan to achieve those goals.  She inspires her team, and is a fair client to work with who holds her partners accountable while working as a team toward a common goal.  One of her greatest strengths is her fearless style – she’s not afraid to share her opinion and make the case for what she believes is right, even when it may be tough for others to hear.”



“Bridgette is a remarkable person.  She is a gem to have as a boss.  She holds her team accountable but nurtures and helps you grow and succeed at the same time.  She is fun to be around.  She works hard and smart, and gets much accomplished.  I have learned a great deal from working with Bridgette.   I would highly recommend Bridgette without question and I feel honored to have worked beside her.”

Chuck Bartlett

VP, Product Development at Data Dynamics

“Bridgette is an outstanding supervisor and a wonderful person. She is able to stay on top of what her team is doing, their accomplishments, and challenges without interfering on a day-to-day basis in what is working. Her style is collaborative and she encourages that in her team, building a strong, loyal team in the process. Bridgette also has a strong business sense and is able to manage “above” the daily issues. I believe she has the wherewithal to conquer almost any situation from a management perspective.”

Aboubakar, Lougue

Manager of Professional Services at Avalara

“Bridgette is a highly unique leader who actively inspires and mentors others, growing them into increasingly valued and structured members of the organization she represents. In my professional experiences with Bridgette, she has revealed herself to be a goal-oriented and competitive leader, a visionary adept in the organization, conceptualization, and motivation of a diverse team. Bridgette’s efforts allow her team members to fully embrace challenges and work together to fulfill the potential of any organizational vision, both in the short and long term. The many respected qualities Bridgette consistently exhibits in her work make her an excellent leadership candidate for any emerging organization that desires to lead its members and its public into a brighter, more functional future.”

Jesse Niziol

Director of Strategic Programs at Avalara

“After working with Bridgette for a couple of years, I have to say that she is exceptional in all of the responsibilities of her role, from organization structuring and relationship management to business and data trend analysis. She is diligent in information gathering and meticulous in defining steps on everything from organizational processes to cross-functional escalation. She has been successful in aligning department strategies with corporate goals and objectives, as well as driving the completion of these by meeting or exceeding quarterly objectives. Bridgette is honest in her feedback and encourages a collaborative environment. She always demonstrates a positive attitude and desire to excel, even in challenging situations. She is very pleasant to work with and sets a high standard for those with whom she interacts. I have learned a great deal from her example of leadership and focused efforts. I have no doubt in her ability to adapt to any role and use her leadership skills to drive success.”

Rudolf Craig Halligan


“Bridgette is one of the most focused professional people I have ever met. Bridgette has the ability to manage multiple operations while maintaining a very High standard. Bridgette has a great ability of identifying the root causes of problems and addressing them while maintaining great team moral. A asset to any company.”

Brian Truax

Digital Marketing Executive

“Bridgette is a visionary entrepreneur and compassionate leader. In my professional dealings with her I have witnessed her ability to quickly dissect any issue and find a creative solution. Her project management and team management skills are unrivaled. She turns insight into foresight, steering her people in the right direction at all times and in a manner that is empowering to the team. I would follow her without question, and frequently come to her for advice regarding my own business.”

Lisa Buoni

Research Consultant at Delta Prime Consulting

“Bridgette was not only my boss, but she has become a role model to me. She is one of the most driven and motivated people I have ever met, and she is motivated by all the RIGHT reasons….Bridgette has always made it clear to our team that her goal is to help others learn to love what they do and find a way to be paid for it, which was one of her main motivations behind creating Werkadoo. Bridgette was a great leader for me because she kept me on track with her goal-oriented nature, while also motivating me with positive reinforcement. Her positivity, confidence, and encouragement were the driving force that motivated our team every week. Any organization/team would be lucky to have Bridgette managing and leading them towards success!”

Travis Skweres

CEO, Cofounder at Cryptonaut

“It has been a pleasure working with Bridgette to make Werkadoo a reality. She is one of the most intelligent, driven, capable women I have ever worked with, and I have an enormous respect for her abilities. I look forward to working with her for a long time to come!”