Education and Knowledge Growth

I currently study at Harvard University, with a dual focus on Liberal Arts and Computer Sciences.  In addition to this, I also enjoy expanding my knowledge in subject domain areas and getting involved in meaningful projects and initiatives:


Areas of Recent Knowledge Growth

Customer Success and Experience:
  • Delivering the Irresistible Customer Experience (CX) Every Customer Wants
  • Mastering the 4 Customer Experience Competencies
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • The Neuroscience of Learning
Leadership and Business:
  • Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of the 21st Century
  • Sustainability Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Quantitative and Statistical Models, Methods, and Analysis
  • The Idea of the Internet


A Few Cool Things I Did


The FED Up Initiative

In peer with my fellow Harvardians, we came together to research and expose the economic and health dilemma involved in every step of the sugar life cycle.  Why?  Because together, between our collective health, neurosciences, military, technology, and business disciplines we felt we could make a difference to others by sharing what we found into the silent impacts sugar makes.  This collaboration resulted in a published research article, The Sour Side of Sugar, and because we felt so empowered by our findings, we also initiated the FED Up 10-Day Sugar-Free Challenge.

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Human Trafficking: A Call to the United Nations

As part of my Modern Dilemmas coursework, over a hundred executive and thought leaders were asked to spend a weekend on the Harvard campus to collaborate on a real-world dilemma: human trafficking.  Eunice Olsen, a Nominated Member of Parliament of Singapore and a prominent humanitarian on behalf of Singapore and Cambodia, was invited to present to the United Nations a plan she felt befitting to address the issue.  In concert with my peers, we worked to craft this plan for Eunice that would ultimately be presented to the United Nations.  This was a very rewarding opportunity and experience for me because I was able to lend my professional experience and ideas to a larger cause towards improving humanity.  Further, it was an honor being chosen by my peers as the representative leader to present the final plan to Eunice and the review board in preparations for the United Nations meeting.


The Binary Bond Project

My generation is the last in human existence to have been born without the Internet being part of our childhood, although the exposure of this technology became more widespread in our teenage years.  Having said this, we are a generation raised by parenting methods not having to factor technology, the Internet, social media, etc.  The Binary Bond Project is one I conceived from my coursework in The Idea of the Internet, led by Dr. David Weinberger.  This project and initiative are one out of my own interest and experiences in currently raising children surrounded by technology, resulting in dualism and evolving social norms.  As a parent, how has, or more importantly should, our role and responsibilities change as our children live both in the real world and online?  In evaluating the parental ethos of our culture, the next generation of parenting is on the horizon and The Binary Bond is a space meant for exploration on this topic.

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