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Customer Experience
Bridgette Penel

The Customer Loyalty Program: Evolving With The Times

It’s good to be reminded that the customer’s experience (CX) and journey is always evolving. This post shares highlights to some interesting findings on diminishing experiences felt by customers in loyalty programs when compared to customers not participating with brands as a loyal customer.

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Spaces of Influence
Bridgette Penel


Becoming is Michelle Obama’s first book that invites the circle of strong women to explore her interesting journey as a child, sister, friend, wife daughter, and mother. As with all books I read, this blog is where I have jotted my take-aways, favorite quotes, and sprouted ideas.

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Behavioral and Organizational Sciences
Bridgette Penel

Vision and Conviction

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Magazine, has two words for us: Vision and Conviction. Here are my take-aways from her leadership advice.

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On Career Growth


I like seeing where I can learn from others that have been there, and done it. MasterClass is full of variety and I specifically appreciate the snippets of knowledge sharing the platform has curated for my particular career growth journey.

Audio Learning

Podcasts and Audiobooks

Drive times have become a lot more enlightening with some of my favorite podcasts and audiobooks filling the space.  Here are some of my favorites at the moment!

The Organized MIND

Neuroscientist, Daniel J. Levitin, takes listeners into exploring the information age and how it is drowning us with an unprecedented deluge of data.

In the Organized Mind he shares the latest brain science to demonstrate how people excel at the mastery of organization based on cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory.

Ask For More

There is a fallacy that the most assertive and loudest voice prevails in negotiations. Alexandra Carter – Columbia law professor and mediation expert – shows how asking the right questions can highly influence negotiations where both sides merge victorious.

Her podcast goes over a proven framework that aims to create longterm value negotiations.

Remarkable People

Everyone surely knows who Guy is. I had the privilege of connecting with him during my Werkadoo days. He was inspiring then as he is now.

He recently launched his Remarkable People podcast, where he interviews thought leaders, legends, and icons that have made impacts and are revered as the world’s foremost thinkers.

Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris, an ABC News anchor, had a panic attack while live on “Good Morning America”, which led him to meditation. Why meditation? He went on an exploration on happiness (or whatever that means) from a variety of angles. Topics on social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships are discussed with leading researchers.

His podcast is a diary of this exploration, where he interviews guests, such as the Dalai Lama, scientists, and odd celebrities. What Dan comes to show listeners is that mental traits, such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion and connection are learned traits that can influence your happiness.