About Me

A Look Into My Experience and Background

Having Fun Along the Way With Colleagues, Customers, Partners, and the Community

Hello!  My career’s journey is in helping build and shape experiences in the market that aim to make lives easier, healthier, safer, more productive, and rewarding.  I have spent the past twenty years working in both the consumer and business markets where I spent fervent energy leading tech start-ups to great heights or serving in executive leadership, where I shaped and led large teams achieving monumental impact.

All of my experience has had a common focal point: The Customer.  I learned, and have continually taken with me, that when focusing on the customer first and foremost only will you find the ability for the business to thrive at a simpler pace and scale.  There is something powerful and magical when both a customer and the business converge in a way that both are thriving!

My devotion and deep passion for curating and delivering meaningful customer experiences is what has made my career joyful and with purpose.  My most recent roles are as Chief Customer Officer, Customer Experience (CX), and Head of Customer Success.  I find it a privilege and honor to serve in these recent roles as I continue to forge new ways to stay true to my life’s work in delivering smiles to customers because we made life easier, healthier, safer, more productive, and rewarding.

My Career

As Chief Customer Officer

As Chief Customer Officer, the general goals of my role are:

As a constant change agent inside the company, there are four primary functions I place most focus and concentration.  All of these are done with strong cross-functional engagement with finance, marketing, sales, customer success, channel partners, onboarding / delivery, customer support, knowledge and training teams and executive leadership. 


Establish metrics for defining the relationship with customers: 


Influences cross-company agreement on how to deliver greatest value to customers:


In partnership with leaders, drives accountability through cross-company data and metrics: 


Clarifies a common approach and process for driving the work across the organization

Customer Experience (CX)

My concentration in CX is because my years of experience has culminated to well-rounded, comprehensive experiences in product, operations, onboarding and delivery (both in direct and indirect channel partnerships), customer support, marketing, sales and commercialization, and customer success.

Customer Success

As my career progressed into overseeing many areas of the organizations instrumental to the customer’s lifecycle, I proudly continued my growth and entered into the role leading customer success organizations..

Drive Customer Success Outcomes:

Define and Optimize Customer Lifecycle:

Manage Customer Success Activities:

Establish and Manage the Effectiveness of Customer Success Through Measurement:

Lead World-Class Customer Success Team:

Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology:

Inspire Customer Success Across Company:

The Journey - My Ride

Choose a job you love so well because only then will you never feel like you're working a day in your life.

Confucius, with a little BP spin!

I always aim to bring a positive energy in what I do, and manifest this with the people I get to work with, whether it be with my team, customers, partners, etc.  This isn’t to suggest challenges aren’t always hovering around.  What I am sharing is that, in my opinion, it is in how you embrace and handle the mountains.  

Throughout all of the sprinkles of triumph, disagreement, invention, hardship, exhilaration, ideation, negotiation, difficulties, alignment, and focused intensity there is goodness being shaped in the mission at hand, the customers we impact, and in the bonds forged with colleagues.