Vision and Conviction

If you haven’t gotten wind of MasterClass here is a quick plug – it is #awesome! If you need a quick overview on MasterClass to keep up, no worry – I have you covered here.

But, on the topic of MasterClass, I’m currently exploring what Anna Wintour has to offer the universe on creativity and leadership. (If you’re not sure who Anna Wintour is, the next time you pick of a Vogue Magazine you will find her name next to Editor-in-Chief. She’s kind of a big deal and has some impressive experience to back up the topics she is teaching.). Her MasterClass is the compilation of 12 short-video lessons accompanied by a downloadable resource guide.

I was watching lesson 4, Leading With a Vision, and a few things stuck out to me.


Own and Be Clear About Your Vision.

Trust yourself to own your choices – don’t bow to consensus or pressure to follow other people’s way of thinking or looking at things.


Passion and Conviction are Key.

Trust your own instincts, even if they go up against the grain of others.

Own and Be Clear About Your Vision.

Why did this piece of advice resonate with me? It was a healthy reminder to stay true to myself and my course.

If you’re like me, busyness can sometimes fade perspective. What I appreciated about this tidbit of wisdom is Anna being very poignant in her advice we all must own and be clear about our unique vision. At the particular moment she said this I remembered we all have unique qualities and contributions to give the world. Immolating someone else’s vision and purpose dilutes authenticity. And, we all should stay the course on being our best, authentic selves. The world deserves it!

She reminds us that criticism and disagreement will always be hovering around you, and it is healthy to listen to what others have to say. You can often learn from it. But, don’t take it to a point it compromises your authenticity and vision.

“Worrying about what others might think will ultimately dilute your judgement and your effectiveness. This can be disruptive to your leadership and decision-making.”

Anna Wintour

There are a few scenes in Anna’s MasterClass lesson where she invites us into her meetings with her team.

Passion and Conviction Are Key.

We are able to be an observer to her craft as a leader. She showcases how she invokes inquiry, ideation, and a persistence for challenging the status quo in a healthy framework. Along this journey she shares that her experience has taught her that as a leader it is our duty to find what each team member is passionate about and moved by. When you know these intrinsic pieces about your team you match them to projects or roles that align with these areas of passion. Only when you do this will you find the highest level of conviction in their contributions to the work at hand. They will be more self-driven, motivated, thoughtful, caring, and intellectually stimulated.

Listening to Anna speak to this brought back a rush of memories for me in my particular experiences in leadership. Some of my proudest memories come when seeing my team achieve – seeing them bring impact – watching them thrive. It was when they were able to tap into responsibilities and projects they were deeply connected to and were equally able to be stretched that the largest outcomes were realized. This is a magical combination. I am fortunate to have learned this early when leading teams, and mostly because I took from my own experience of constantly yearning to stay challenged with a strong desire for impact. It didn’t take me long to recognize that most people value their careers and are normally in the similar pursuits.

Vision and conviction are pretty potent tools, whether staying true to your own course, and as you embark on leading others. I particularly appreciate how Anna thrusts this back into center stage. Her story is fascinating, but her example in female leadership is empowering.

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